a rumbudgin of nonsense by arnold spilka, 1970


pleats and stripes

pleated dresses awaiting finishing touches



vintage textile, circa 1970 *

* looking at it now i realize i may have hung it upside down...



another dreary chicago morning

my aloe very plant & scenic view  
a lovely birthday gift from my sister

it's the beginning of my second week in chicago. i'm slowly getting the studio up and running.  this morning i unpacked a few more boxes of fabrics and i'm hoping to have some new stuff up on the website very soon!

on the way to work i walked by the macys christmas windows....the holidays are coming

ho ho ho


i'm here

i made it.    the move went as smoothly as can be expected.  my friend dana came out to drive back with me.  we loaded up the truck, i said my goodbyes and we left in the wee hours of the next morning with a box of donuts and some very large coffees.   we promptly got lost in the bronx.   15 hrs later we arrived, bleary eyed, in chicago.

my limbs still feel like jello.

i'm settling into my new studio in the chicago fine arts building.  will post pics of the space as soon as i unpack.

p.s- one of my favorite bloggers, joy cho, posted pics of her lovely daughter wearing wolfechild!  see the images here and here